Important Tests for Your Child

Free genetic testing for PBD-ZSD

Identifying your child’s illness is a critical step in determining the appropriate way to manage the disease – the earlier the better. A free genetic test that can help diagnose PBD-ZSD is available to patients. This test can provide valuable genetic information even if your child has already been diagnosed. Ask your doctor if your child may be a candidate for this test.

Because PBD-ZSD is an inherited disease, genetic testing may also be beneficial for siblings and other family members.

Learn more about this test and get an informational flyer to share with your doctor.

Important test to determine the health of your child’s liver

Signs and symptoms of liver damage are typically present in patients with progressing PBD-ZSD. A lab test called an atypical bile acid test can help determine the level of liver involvement in your child. It is free to qualifying patients.

Because this test is not routinely performed, you may have to ask your child’s doctor to order it. An informational flyer that you can share with your doctor is available to download.

Ask your doctor to order the free atypical bile acid test.

Additional tests

Other blood tests your doctor may order include:

  • Bilirubin test – measures levels of bilirubin, used often in newborns when jaundice is present
  • Liver function test – evaluates certain enzymes and proteins
  • Albumin and total protein – measures levels of proteins made by the liver
  • Complete blood count – assesses multiple blood components
  • Prothrombin time – calculates the clotting time of plasma